General guidelines for writting abstracts


    The abstracts (in Romanian and / or English) written according to the instructions below, will be sent by e-mail to: office@dimas.com.ro until the March 15, 2022.

    A notification regarding the status of the summary will be sent by e-mail from the organizers until the March 20, 2022.


    • Abstracts must be submitted and presented in Romanian and/or in English.
    • Abstract text – limited to 350 words. (Please Note: word count is affected when graphs/tables/images are included.) We recommend using word-processing software (for example, Word) for editing your abstract and counting the number of words.
    • The abstract must not contain any graphics, tables, pictures or other types of figures.
    • Individuals should submit the material only if they, or a designee, are committed to registering to and attending the conference, in order to present the paper or poster.
    • There is no limit to the number of abstracts you may submit.
    • There are two types of presentations: oral and poster presentation.
    • All abstracts must have conclusions/results completed by the submission date. Abstracts describing data that have not yet been collected and/or analysed by the time they are submitted, will be rejected.
    • Registration is not mandatory in the submission process. However, all presenters must be registered to the Conference by the 15th of March 2022, otherwise the abstract will not be included in the conference abstract book.
    • You can choose between an oral presentation or a poster, but the final presentation format will be determined by the Abstract Selection Committee.
    • Abstracts can be edited until the deadline for submission. After that date, no changes regarding the content or the authors will be allowed. Edits may include changing the title, adding or deleting authors or changing the abstract body. Once the review process begins, no changes are allowed; no exceptions. 
    • Please note that any typographical or spelling errors, improperly formatted titles, etc. will NOT be edited by the organizing committee. It is the responsibility of the submitter to review and verify all work submitted.
    • Abstracts selected for the 2022 Conference cannot contain advertising, trade names or product-group messages. Please include generic names or terms in your abstract content.


    Main Author — Individual who is submitting the abstract. All correspondence will be done with the main author.

    Title (no more than 30 words)

    Abstract Body (350-word maximum) separated into:

    • Introduction – At least two clear and measurable learning objectives must be included with your abstract submission.
    • Material and Methods – The method(s) of study or experimental approach must be briefly defined.
    • Results – A summary of the study results, including sufficient details to support conclusions.
    • Conclusions – A statement explaining the significance of the work and its implications for further research.

    Keywords (up to five)

    List Authors — Up to 3 list authors can be included. Their full names with credentials, city and state or country must be included.

    Disclosure of conflict of interest — This is required for the presenting author.

    The submitting author should choose one of the topics below:

    • Non-motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease;
    • The concept of advanced Parkinson’s disease;
    • Therapeutic options in advanced Parkinson’s disease: deep brain stimulation and device-assisted therapies;
    • Secrets of doctor-patient communication in Parkinson’s disease;
    • Neuromotor recovery of the patient with Parkinson’s disease;
    • Diet of the patient with Parkinson’s disease;
    • Rights and obligations of patients with Parkinson’s disease;
    • Advice for patients with Parkinson’s disease;
    • The importance of speech therapy in Parkinson’s disease;
    • Other movement disorders.


    Abstract Submission Open – 20/02/2022

    Abstract Submission Deadline – 15/03/2022

    Abstract Notification – 20/03/2022

    Deadline for Presenting Author to Complete Registration – 31/03/2022. The Presenting Authors for both Oral Presentations and E-posters must be registered by this date.


    • PowerPoint is the presentation programme available.
    • No other devices, personal computers, etc. are allowed for presentations. than those of the organizers.
    • The PowerPoint handling and distribution system is optimised for MS PowerPoint 2016 (Office 2016) and Adobe Acrobat-files (“*.pdf”). The uploading of “DVD-Movies” is not supported.
    • The supported data storage media are: CD, DVD (as Data-storage-medium) and USB-Memory (Stick). All needed files – also the movie files(!) – have to be on the datamedia. 
    • Format for embedded movies: “*.mp4” and “*.wmv” are preferred, any other format may work or may be converted to an optimised format (may take some time!).
    • The fonts that are used in the presentations need to be Latin-based fonts. If you need special fonts, they should be stored as „embedded fonts“ with the presentation. (File -> save as „name of presentation“ and under „tools“ → save options mark the checkbox „embed True type fonts“ and select „embed all characters“). When using mathematical symbols, please use these which are available under Latin fonts (unicode or DOS: Western Europe).
    • Presentations should be saved as “*.ppt“, “*.pptx” (= PowerPoint) or “*.pps“, “*.ppsx“ (=PowerPoint Slideshow) – file and movies might be separate files on the data media (if not embedded). All computers and projectors will be set up and optimised for 16:9 ratio. Please adhere to these specifications in order to have a well-prepared presentation.

    Thank you for your active participation in the programme of National Conference of Modern Neurosciences “Parkinson’s Disease & Other Movement Disorders”!